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Maroon Off Shoulder Pleated Dress

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  • Hands to make12
  • Days to create60
  • Steps to finish9
  • Key to perfection Stitching the binding
  • Heritage preserved Binding technique
Why we love this thing

Redefining the conventional duotoned dress, this piece embodies modern tailoring and craftsmanship with white binding detail in the bottom half. This maroon off the shoulder dress is made from 100% silk, gliding on with ease, ideal for transitioning from work to the upcoming festivities

Meet the maker

Bodice explores transitional wardrobe staples, through the pursuit of innovation while using indigenous Indian textiles. A blend of modern tailoring inspired from the provenance of craft and responsible creation, Bodice won the prestigious 2017/2018 International Woolmark Prize for womenswear.

Details you should know
  • Style this one-of-a-kind dress with our World is your Oyster Gold Hoop Earrings to create a festive look to remember for years
  • Composed of 100% silk
  • Dry clean only
  • Designed and handcrafted in India
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