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Hand Citrus Juicer

$28.00.incl of all taxes
  • Hands to make6.0
  • Days to create7.0
  • Steps to finish6.0
  • Key to perfection Finishing to turn coarse organic material turns into a smooth curved object
  • Heritage preserved Wood turning and hand carving
Why we love this thing

This hand juicer adds a flurry of activity to an everyday ritual. The minimal aesthetics and easy functionality of this citrus juicer make it a must-have for your modern kitchen.

Meet the maker

SHED is a design studio that focuses on designing to stimulate and keep alive the childlike curiosity in our busy adult lives. Their mission is to build to break away from existing concepts and navigate towards the unanticipated new.

Details you should know
  • Empty the pulpy goodness of the citrus juicer into our Pink Ceramic Mug, to serve at your next brunch with friends and family.
  • Composed of rosewood valsadi teak.
  • Designed and handcrafted in India.
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