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Madiha Jaipur

Amethyst Stone Bracelet Cuff

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  • Hands to make8.0
  • Days to create6.0
  • Steps to finish5
  • Key to perfection To get the weaving right and neatÊ
  • Heritage preserved Handcraftsmanship of Jewellery
Why we love this thing

The two gemstones of love and peace, rose quartz and amethyst come together in this delicate cuff, placed in a maze of handwoven brass gilded in 14K gold. This piece finds inspiration from textiles and the traditional art of handweaving fabric in India. Replicating this artform using metalwork produces this one-of-a-kind bracelet. Pair it with a luxurious handwoven dress or wear it over shirt sleeves to work.

Meet the maker

Madiha celebrates gemstones through design, emphasizing the personalities of each stone. Madiha’s use of varied materials and the unusual use of upcycled wood as a supporting cast for gemstone jewellery results in avant-garde, stylish pieces.

Details you should know
    • A subtle statement piece that beautifully compliments work and evening ensembles. Pair it with a luxurious handwoven dress or wear it over shirt sleeves to work.
    • Handmade by metalwork artists recreating textile weaving techniques in metal form.
    • Free size, 12" broad.
    • Keep the piece away from direct sunlight and avoid spraying deodorant or perfume on it. Wipe the product with a clean cloth after wearing, to keep it clean and safe. Avoid contact with water, perfume and lotions to maintain sheen.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India. 
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