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Our second collection curates one-of-a-kind things
from Frida’s garden.
Explore exotic, surprising and immersive objects
that bring a tropical yet dark and mystical mood
to close the summer and bring in autumn
this month on 400 THINGS.

  • Olina Modern Area Rug$648.00
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  • Clothing Bohemian Yellow Summer Maxi Dress$278.00
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  • Clothing Multicoloured Crochet Crop Top$168.00
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  • Accessories The Dean Storage Trunk In Yellow$388.00
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  • Accessories Love Bug Moon Beaded Round Handbag$115.00
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  • Accessories Trendy Traveller Vintage Vanity Case in Green$368.00
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  • Accessories Mocha Nordic Brick Leather Clutch Bag$248.00
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draws inspiration from a vibrant emerald garden doused
in exotic fruits, vegetables, bugs and creatures
as an ode to Frida Kahlo's sanctuary of her
art and life; her inimitable garden.

Our curation followed a similar theme; picking unique artistry
and intricate detail in beautiful things found breathing and
living in our garden of colour, wonder and freedom.

  • Clothing Leopard Print V-Neck Maxi Dress$488.00
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  • Accessories Black Handowoven Tote Bag$68.00
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  • Accessories Safari Print Designer Silk Scarf$128.00
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