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Gothic Flower Statement Earrings in Green

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  • Hands to make14.0
  • Days to create15.0
  • Steps to finish4
  • Key to perfection Structuring
  • Heritage preserved Jewellery Craftsmanship
Why we love this thing

These glamorous danglers are made with Swarovski crystals, acrylic, glass and semi precious stones. Handmade by various artisans in India, each piece features a unique, aesthetic and stunning geometricity. Uneven surfaces and crooked lines are part of its charm. Pair this stellar piece with a sequin dress on a night out, or shorts and a white denim shirt for a weekend brunch.

Meet the maker

VALLIYAN accessories employ the use of semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals, acrylic, wood and rare materials resulting in a sculptural textured quality, entirely handcrafted in India.

Details you should know
    • Each piece is handmade by artisans in India.
    • Composed of copper and brass.
    • Dimensions of 3.5 inches (length)
    • This piece is specifically inspired by gothic architecture of Unesco World Heritage Sites in Bombay city.
    • Designed and handcrafted in India. 
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